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My Thoughts on the Cognitive + Edge Technology Collaboration IBM and Cisco Announcement

Christopher G. Willard Ph.D.,

“Cisco (NYSE: CSCO) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced a global collaboration to provide instant Internet of Things (IoT) insight at the edge of the network. Now, businesses and organizations in remote and autonomous locations will be able to tap the combined power of IBM’s Watson IoT and business analytics technologies and Cisco’s edge analytics capabilities to more deeply understand and act on critical data on the network edge.” IBM further describes its relations with Cisco:“Cisco and IBM have had a strategic...


The Hyperscale Effect: Tracking the Newest High-Growth IT Segment

Addison Snell,

As published in "The Next Platform" Don’t just call it “the cloud.” Even if you think you know what cloud means, the word is fraught with too many different interpretations for too many people. Nevertheless, the effect of cloud computing, the web, and their assorted massive datacenters has had a profound impact on enterprise computing, creating new application segments and consolidating IT resources into a smaller number of mega-players with tremendous buying power and influence. Welcome to the hyperscale market. ...


Intersect360 Research Presents HPC & Hyperscale Trends at Stanford Conference 2016

Addison Snell,

As published by HPC Advisory Council, By now it’s well-established that we have entered a new era for high performance computing. The industry is in a state of flux, evolving around new markets, new users, new applications, and new technologies. As these new demands affect product directions and the real-life problems they aim to address, there is an increasing need to compare outlooks and evaluations, with an eye to the future of hyperscale and HPC. The HPC Advisory Council...


The Joys of Not Owning a Supercomputer

Michael Feldman,

As published in The Next Platform, Shopping for high performance computing machinery can be a sobering experience. That’s because buying high-end equipment in bulk is an expensive proposition. A single server costs only a few thousand dollars, but even a relatively modest-sized HPC cluster can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially when software, support and maintenance costs are bundled in. For top tier supercomputers, those costs can climb to $100 million or more. And even though...


Addison Snell and Michael Feldman discussing the latest TOP500 list on the TOP500 blog

Addison Snell, Michael Feldman,

As published in Primeur Magazine In "This Week In HPC" podcast Addison Snell and Michael Feldman discuss the November 2015 TOP500 list. China is taking the TOP500 list more serious. That explains part of the big growth of China's presence in the list. Both two systems in the TOP10 are from Cray.


New reports on GPU and accelerated computing from Intersect360

As published in Primeur Magazine Intersect360 published two (sponsored) reports: "HPC Application Support for GPU Computing" and "Accelerated Computing: A Tipping Point for HPC". In the latter report they write: "Over the last three years, accelerators have become firmly established in high performance computing (HPC), a significant part of the transition into another new era of HPC, the many-core era. Like previous architectural transitions, this migration is being driven by the economics of price/performance. More cores...