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ISC13 Analyst Crossfire
June 2013
Speakers include:

  • Bob Bishop, ICES Foundation
  • Satoshi Matsuoka, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Marie-Christine Sawley, Intel
  • Naoya Tamura, Fujitsu

HPC Analyst Crossfire - Live from the 2013 National HPCC Conference
March 2013
Speakers include:

  • Randy Schauer, Raytheon
  • Devin Jensen, Altair
  • Jim Kasdorf, PSC
  • Henry Tufo, University of Colorado, Boulder

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ISC'12, Hamburg, Germany
June 2012
Speakers include:

  • Elena Churakova, T-Platform
  • Dona L. Crawford, LLNL
  • Happy Sithole, Center for High Performance Computing
  • Dave Turek, IBM

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HPCC '12, Newport, RI

SC '11, Seattle, WA

ISC '11, Hamburg, Germany

HPCC '11, Newport, RI

SC '10, New Orleans, LA

National HPCC Conference March 2012

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