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Accurate Market Intelligence for High Performance Computing

Intersect360 Research was founded in January, 2007 as a market intelligence, research, and consulting advisory practice focused on suppliers, users, and policy makers across the High Performance Computing industry. The company operated as Tabor Research, a division of Tabor Communications, until it was purchased from the parent company by its two top executives, Addison Snell and Chris Willard, in 2009.

In the intervening years, our insistence on data-based guidance has earned Intersect360 Research the reputation for being the most accurate analyst firm in the HPC space. We have consistently provided our clients with the most on-target predictions of trends and market conditions, consistent information, and guidance to empower their most successful business decisions.

Intersect360 Research's deep knowledge of HPC, coupled with strong marketing and consulting expertise, results in accurate intelligence for the HPC industry - insights and advice that allow customers to make decisions that are measurably positive to their business. The company's end-user-focused research is inclusive from both a technology perspective and a usage standpoint, allowing Intersect360 Research to provide its clients with total market models that include both traditional and emerging HPC applications.

In addition to its market advisory subscription services, Intersect360 Research offers customers an array of client-specific services, including custom surveys, white papers, custom analysis, and strategic business consulting, including go-to-market strategies.

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Addison Snell
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Dan Olds
Chief Research Officer

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