Intersect360 Research

Report Pricing


Enterprise-Wide Usage ($2,400): Report can be shared within the purchasing organization—for example, across product, strategy, sales, or forecasting teams. This does not extend to partner organizations, such as suppliers or resellers, but does include contractors working for the purchasing organization. Public citation of quotes or data, such as on a web site or in a press release, requires approval from Intersect360 Research. Advisory service clients are granted enterprise-wide usage rights for all reports in the subscribed service (HPC Advisory Service or Hyperscale Advisory Service), but not reprint rights unless purchased separately.

Single-User Access ($490): Report is for the sole use of one person, such as for forecasting or product planning. Redistribution or sharing of the reports is prohibited, even internally within the purchasing organization or department. Citation of quotes or data, such as on a web site, in a press release, or for enterprise use, requires approval from Intersect360 Research. 

Academic Usage (Free): Intersect360 Research may selectively approve the free download of individual reports for academic use, such as for theses or other academic papers. Requests are made by submitting an approval form.

Reprints ($4,800 per report): Full redistribution rights for some or all of a report, such as for PR purposes, including email, print, web, or other distribution. The reports may not be edited in any way except as approved by Intersect360 Research (such as to excerpt a section or to highlight particular text). An organization must have enterprise usage of a report—either through individual report purchase or advisory service access—to purchase reprints. Contact Intersect360 Research to purchase.