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Addison Snell Laura Segervall Christopher G. Willard Ph.D. HPC User Site Census: System Suppliers


Intersect360 Research surveyed the High Performance Computing (HPC) user community to complete its eleventh Site Census study. The study is a look at their current computer system installations, storage systems, networks, middleware, and application software supporting these computer installations. This report provides a detailed examination of the server systems installed at a sample of High Performance Computing (HPC) user sites. Our goal in this analysis of HPC system suppliers is to examine the installations by supplier and to examine supplier penetration by sector and by region within the HPC user community.

Our Site Census survey results can be found in many reports, including the following:

  • HPC System Configurations and Technologies
  • HPC System Vendors Installed
  • HPC Storage Configurations and Technologies
  • HPC Storage Vendors Installed
  • HPC Networking Technologies
  • HPC Processing Technologies (Including Accelerators)
  • HPC Operating System Installations
  • HPC Middleware and Tool Installations
  • HPC Application Installations (segmented into application domains):
    • Biosciences
    • Business: Business intelligence, analytics, pattern recognition, ERP, CRM, security, complex event processing, general business
    • Chemistry
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
    • Engineering: Structural analysis, electronic design automation (EDA), general engineering
    • Finance and economics
    • Geophysics
    • Physics
    • Scientific research
    • Visualization and image analysis
    • Weather modeling, climate modeling, environment modeling

HPE, Dell EMC, and Lenovo were the top three suppliers out of 34 named vendors. The top five named vendors (also including Supermicro and Cray) captured 53.1% of systems mentioned. Dell EMC had a significantly higher share (17.1%) at academic sites while HPE had the highest share (32.7%) of installations at commercial sites. Amazon Web Services had the highest share amongst cloud service providers mentioned with 1.5% share of total site mentions and 4% share of entries reported in 2017+.

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