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Addison Snell Laura Segervall Christopher G. Willard Ph.D. Vendor Overview and Outlook: NVIDIA in HPC


This Intersect360 Research report presents an overview and outlook for NVIDIA in the worldwide High Performance Computing (HPC) market, as of 2019.

NVIDIA is a major vendor of processing elements and related software for the worldwide HPC market. Specifically, NVIDIA contributes to HPC through the production of graphics processing units (GPUs), which are frequently used as computational accelerators for HPC applications. Drawing on market tracking and surveys from the Intersect360 Research HPC advisory service, this report includes:

  • Latest survey share data for NVIDIA in HPC servers and related software
  • SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Recommendations to NVIDIA

Earlier in 2019, NVIDIA entered into an agreement to acquire Mellanox, a provider of networking components to HPC markets. As of the publication of this report, that deal had not closed, pending regulatory approval. Intersect360 Research covers Mellanox in a separate vendor profile report, Vendor Overview and Outlook: Mellanox in HPC. This report does cover the potential impact and opportunities of the proposed acquisition.

Vendor Overview and Outlookreports from Intersect360 Research are not sponsored content. Intersect360 Research chooses vendors to cover in such reports based on their position in the marketplace, and the choice to publish this report does not imply the existence—or lack thereof—of a client relationship with the company profiled. The full Intersect360 Research neutrality statement is available at

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