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Addison Snell Laura Segervall Christopher G. Willard Ph.D. Worldwide High Performance Computing 2018 Total Market Model and 2019–2023 Forecast: Server Class


This Intersect360 Research report presents the server segment of the 2018 total market model and five-year forecast for the overall High Performance Computing (HPC) market, segmented into constituent classes. The primary consideration for server class is sales price—entry-level HPC systemsunder $50K, midrange HPC systemsfrom $50K to $250K, high-end HPC systemsfrom $250K to $1.5 million, and supercomputersover $1.5 million—although architecture, sales channel, and sales cycle are all additional considerations. The forecast horizon is from 2019 through 2023, with compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) using 2018 as a base.

Intersect360 Research defines HPC as the use of servers, clusters, and supercomputers—plus associated software, tools, components, storage, and services—for scientific, engineering, or analytical tasks that are particularly intensive in computation, memory usage, or data management. Intersect360 Research reports available in this series include the following segmentations:

  • Products and Services: servers, storage, networks, software, service, cloud, other
  • Economic sectors: industry, government, academia
  • Vertical markets: academia, national security, national research labs, national agencies, state or local governments, bio sciences, chemical engineering, consumer product manufacturing, electronics, energy, financial services, large product manufacturing, media and entertainment, retail, transportation, other
  • Regions: North America, EMEA, Asia-Pacific, Latin America
  • Server class (HPC server revenue, this report): entry-level, midrange, high-end, supercomputer
  • Cloud categories (HPC cloud revenue):raw cycles, cloud storage, application hosting (SaaS), infrastructure hosting (IaaS, PaaS), other
  • Software categories (HPC software revenue): operating environments, developer tools, middleware, storage software, transfer costs, application software, other
  • Services categories (HPC services revenue): maintenance and repair, system engineering, system integration, training, programming services, other
  • HPC server market shares(current year only, not forecast)
  • HPC storage market shares(current year only, not forecast)

2018 was the second-straight year in which HPC server growth was concentrated toward the top end of HPC market, influenced by dynamics in both machine learning and cloud computing. We expect these dynamics to continue through the forecast period, with supercomputers growing faster than the other HPC server classes. Some growth that would otherwise go to the entry-level or midrange classes winds up not in the HPC server category at all, but rather in cloud, which has been the highest-growth HPC product and service category each year since 2014.



  • HPC system elements
  • Systems, clusters
  • Server technologies
  • Storage elements
  • Storage systems
  • Interconnect elements
  • System interconnects
  • Software elements
  • Operating systems
  • Services
  • Cloud computing, grid computing, utility computing
  • Other technology trends
  • Big Data trends
  • Government programs or investment in HPC
  • Artificial Intelligence / AI
  • Deep Learning / Machine Learning



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