Addison Snell

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer



Addison Snell is a veteran of the High Performance Computing industry and the co-founder and CEO of Intersect360 Research, now in its 15th year delivering forecasts and insights for high-performance markets. Addison is a competent bridge player, an excellent Scrabble player, and a puzzle and game enthusiast, particularly word puzzles. His life "bucket list" dream is to compose a crossword published in the New York Times.



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Addison Snell • Dan Olds

HPC Techhnology Survey 2021: Processing Technologies— CPUS and Accelerators

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Intersect360 Research surveyed the High Performance Computing (HPC) user community on a wide range of technology issues. The complete study analyzes users’ ...

Addison Snell

HPC User Ratings Survey: Awareness, Satisfaction, Loyalty Across Processors, Servers, Storage, Cloud

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In this broad-based survey, HPC end user organizations provided ratings of prominent vendors across multiple dimensions. The study provides insights...

Addison Snell • Christopher Willard Ph.D.

Worldwide HPC 2019 Total Market Model and 2020–2024 Forecast: Server Classes

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This Intersect360 Research report presents the server segment of the 2019 total market model and five-year forecast for the overall High Performance Computing ...