Changing Market Dynamics

Intersect360 Research provides market sizing, forecasting, industry data and guidance for the HPC, supercomputing, hyperscale, cloud computing, AI, and machine learning industries.

Intersect360 Research covers the changing market dynamics of users, technologies, and vendors in the Intersect360 Research HPC market advisory service. The end-user research that forms the foundation of the market advisory service incorporates both high performance technical computing (HPTC) and high performance business computing (HPBC) use cases worldwide, to provide a comprehensive view of the complete HPC industry.

As industry analysts, our primary activities include market sizing, segmentation, and forecasting; budget tracking; technology trend analysis; report writing; and consultation with our clients. We partner with media outlets, conferences and events, and the worldwide HPC Advisory Council. Our podcasts, This Week in HPC and Radio Free HPC, reach thousands of listeners per episode.