Intersect360 Research covers the changing market dynamics of high performance computing users, technologies, and vendors in the Intersect360 Research HPC Market Advisory Service. The subscription-based service delivers regular market intelligence in three dimensions:

Buyer Trends: Demand-side research from Intersect360 Research focuses on end users' habits and preferences in purchasing, configuration, and usage. Anchored by our relationship with the worldwide HPC Advisory Council, buyers from across all segments provide regular updates on their HPC budget allocations, installations, and system configurations.

Market Data: Intersect360 Research surveys vendors to provide data on the total HPC market. Our inclusive technology view goes beyond servers to include interconnects, storage, processors, and other significant vendor segments, and it includes forecasts and growth rates for units and revenue.

Technology Analysis: The HPC market consistently has several new or growing technology areas. Intersect360 Research looks at how vendors are incorporating these technologies into their product lines and how users are adopting them, providing technology analysis and forecasts based on both supply-side and demand-side data.

Taken together, these viewpoints provide a comprehensive picture of the forward-looking trends that are shaping the HPC industry. The Intersect360 Research HPC Market Advisory Service provides actionable market intelligence that leads to better decision making in HPC.

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Intersect360 Research covers the evolving market dynamics of technology trends and buying patterns in the Intersect360 Research Hyperscale Market Advisory Service. The subscription-based service delivers market insights based on worldwide end-user research and a proven history in tracking and describing the hyperscale market.

In 2007 Intersect360 Research first defined the “ultrascale internet” market, describing the use of scalable, high-performance technologies for companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, at the forefront of a new generation of internet commerce. Today the hyperscale market has grown and evolved into its own buying segment in parallel to high performance computing, with multiple tiers of end users.

The hyperscale market segment is made up of users whose computational needs, application domains, and business model demands a web-scale infrastructure in which acquisition decisions are driven by performance per dollar and per watt. In general, this includes organizations that have applications requiring thousands of servers to operate and require certain economies of scale to be viable. Major application areas include:

  • Web search and categorization
  • Online retail and customer identification
  • Web hosting
  • Content hosting and distribution
  • Social media and communication services
  • Cloud application services
  • Massive multiplayer online games (MMOGs)
  • Machine learning, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing


The scale of these applications requires technologies, infrastructure management, and buying decisions that sets this segment apart from others in the information technology sector.

The top tier of the hyperscale market consists of eight companies that spend in excess of $1 billion per year on IT. Beyond that, another approximately 300 organizations are conducting business at hyperscale levels, consuming technologies and making investments in a way that is distinct from everyday enterprise computing. This is the focus of the market insights delivered in the Intersect360 Research Hyperscale Market Advisory Service.

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For clients new to Intersect360 Research services, a strategy day is often the most high-value initial deliverable. In a strategy day, an Intersect360 Research analyst will present an overview of our research from across our advisory services, as it applies to your business.

This provides a foundation for discussion centered on go-to-market consulting, on topics such as target segment sizing and selection, customer pain points, positioning and messaging, partnerships, competitive analysis, etc. The goal of the day is to give you a sense of not only our data, but of the competitive insights you can gain from an advisory relationship with us.

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Intersect360 Research is available to write white papers that discuss industry and market dynamics as they pertain to your products or services. White papers draw from our available library of research to establish market trends, including market shares, spending habits, customer pain points, or technology adoption.

Pricing and timeframes for delivery vary depending on project scope. Contact Intersect360 Research for availablity.

Intersect360 Research is available for a full range of custom engagements, such as:

  • Custom research projects
  • Strategic consulting
  • Marketing consulting
  • Sponsored presentations
  • Participation and moderation of panels and webinars

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