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SUNNYVALE, CA—May 2, 2024— Intersect360 Research has announced the launch of the HPC-AI Leadership Organization (HALO), a geographically diverse end-user organization bringing together a worldwide community of forward thinkers from all vertical segments of the HPC-AI industry.

“The HPC-AI Leadership Organization will advance the state of the art in scalable computing, including both HPC and Al, by identifying high-priority topics for regional and global HPC-AI user communities and through cross-industry collaboration,” said Intersect360 Research CEO Addison Snell. “Through their participation in this organization, thought leaders will have opportunities to extend best practices beyond their own fields of interest and learn from one another’s innovations while influencing the direction of future technological development.”

HALO is organized into three separate geographical regions to foster communication and to identify areas of interest in each part of the world. Each of the regions — Americas; Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA); and Asia-Pacific — will hold a regular cadence of virtual meetings, webinars, and roundtables to allow users to collaborate and to address topics of regional interest. Each region’s activities will be guided by its own Chair and a 10-12 member Advisory Committee, plus an Analyst Liaison from Intersect360 Research. Paul Muzio, newly named as an Advisor at Intersect360 Research, will serve as HALO Facilitator, providing overall guidance to the organization and serving as a link across the geographical groups.

“I believe that HALO with its user community leaders from commercial organizations, academia, and government will be instrumental in providing research direction and disseminating critical technological information to the entire user community,” said Muzio. ” I am delighted to be part of the Intersect360 Research team that will work with the HALO committees for the benefit of the end user community.”

The newly-announced chairs for each region are:

  • HALO Americas: Dan Stanzione, Executive Director of the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)
  • HALO EMEA: Jean-Philippe Nominé,Strategic HPC Collaborations Manager at CEA
  • HALO Asia-Pacific: Mark Stickells,CEO of Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre

“I am eager to contribute to HALO’s kick-off with distinguished experts and colleagues from different domains and regions,” said Nominé. “HPC and AI are more than ever entangled and have the potential to further transform society and help us tackle global challenges, as long as we harness and control their tremendous capabilities efficiently and rationally, and collaborate at large scale for this purpose.”

HALO Asia-Pacific Chair Mark Stickells expressed similar excitement. “I am delighted to support the launch of HALO in our region, and to partner with like-minded organizations from around the world. The greatest challenges of our time — in human health and disease, environment and climate, and industrial transformation — must be tackled through partnership and collaboration, be informed by leading-edge science and research, and accelerated by the responsible use of advanced digital technologies.”

Several members of the HALO Advisory Committees have already been announced, including Gina Tourassi of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Rupak Biswas of NASA Ames Research Center, Frank Indiviglio of NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Brock Kahanyshyn of the Digital Research Alliance of Canada, and William Edsall of The Dow Chemical Company for HALO Americas; Christine Kitchen of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), Marek Magryś of Cyfronet, Stephan Schenk of BASF, Gerd Büttner of Airbus, Hatem Ltaief of KAUST, and Happy Sithole of CHPC South Africa for HALO EMEA; and Satoshi Matsuoka of RIKEN for HALO Asia-Pacific.

Intersect360 Research analysts will serve as liaisons to support Muzio and the HALO geographic committees: Addison Snell (Americas), Steve Conway (EMEA) and Dan Olds (Asia-Pacific).

HALO will kick off its first in-person event at the upcoming ISC conference in Hamburg with a welcome toast Monday, May 13 at 4pm in the Intersect360 Research booth, M32. All members of the HPC-AI community are invited to join HALO members and the Intersect360 Research team for the celebratory toast.

More information about HALO, including membership application and upcoming events, can be found at


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