Nov 2021 Market Update

Presentation Information

Addison Snell, Dan Olds, and Steve Conway will present Intersect360 Research’s updated market sizing for HPC/AI in a free 90-minute webinar May 16 at 9am Pacific time.

The webinar will cover the 2022 worldwide HPC and AI market size and trends, as well as a new five-year forecast to 2027. Highlights of the webinar include:

  • A complete enterprise data center view of HPC, AI, and Hyperscale spending, including the effects of cloud computing.
  • Highlights of our recent AI market survey, describing machine learning workloads and their overlap with HPC, cloud, hyperscale, and enterprise computing.
  • Growth segments of HPC and AI, and the market dynamics influencing them, with guidance for vendors and buyers.
  • Segmentations include: Products and Services (servers, storage, networking, software, services, cloud), geographic regions, system sizes, and vertical markets.

The 60-minute Zoom presentation will be followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. Pre-registration is required.