Intersect360 Research Founded with Ongoing Partnership to HPCwire


SAN DIEGO AND SUNNYVALE, CA – July 9, 2009 –Tabor Communications, publishers of HPCwire, and InterSect360 Research, a new venture begun
by leading HPC analysts Addison Snell and Christopher G. Willard, Ph.D., today jointly announced that Intersect360 Research has purchased the Tabor
Research line of business from Tabor Communications. Snell and Willard previously headed up the Tabor Research division, which focused on actionable
market intelligence based on data and insight in the high performance computing (HPC) industry.

The all-cash transaction establishes InterSect360 Research as an independent business and preserves an ongoing content and research relationship between
the two companies. InterSect360 Research will continue to derive forward-looking industry knowledge from the views and opinions of the worldwide HPCwire
readership, and Tabor Communications will maintain rights to distribute overview content from the InterSect360 market advisory service. The editors
and analysts from each company will also continue to collaborate on joint projects, such as the HPCwire Soundbite podcast series.

“I am very proud that we have a strong research business with excellent clients, and we are fortunate to have a strong, enduring relationship with HPCwire,”
said Snell, formerly the general manager of the Tabor Research business and now the CEO of InterSect360 Research. Our new organizational structure
will allow both companies to invest in our core businesses and deliver greater value to our clients.

It’s been a privilege to watch Tabor Research mature under the general management of Addison Snell to the point at which it is ready to run as a standalone
business, said Thomas Tabor, CEO of Tabor Communications. The creation of InterSect360 Research benefits our publishing and events business by allowing
us to invest and grow while still delivering depth of insight to our readers.

In the deal, InterSect360 Research has assumed the assets and current contracts of Tabor Research, including all past reports, databases, and intellectual
property. InterSect360 Research will continue to serve all clients with current contracts for Tabor Research services. The sale also includes the data
and patents associated with the HPC Online Productivity Analyzer, a free tool for users introduced by Tabor Research in 2008. InterSect360 Research
takes its trade name from the InterSect360 market advisory service that was offered by Tabor Research.

We are delighted to have structured a deal that allows us to continue to meet the needs of our current HPC client base while opening the doors for growth,”
said Snell. I look forward to speaking with all our clients and prospects about what insights we can deliver to help them find profitable growth in
2009 and beyond.

Our surveys of the HPCwire database have yielded insights well beyond what we could learn by speaking solely to suppliers, said Willard, Chief Research
Officer for InterSect360 Research. Our newest research series is continuing to deliver a unique point of view on the future of HPC.

Tabor Communications launched the Tabor Research line of business in January 2007 as a complement to its publishing and events business for HPC. With its
inclusive methodologies for HPC technologies and usage models, Tabor Research quickly built its presence with HPC vendors, users, and policymakers.

About InterSect360 Research

Formerly Tabor Research, InterSect360 Research is a market intelligence, research, and consulting advisory practice focused on suppliers, users, and
policymakers across the High Performance Computing ecosystem. InterSect360 Research relies on both user-based and supplier-based research to form a
complete perspective of HPC market dynamics, trends, and usage models. More information on InterSect360 Research can be found at:

About Tabor Communications, Inc.

Tabor Communications, Inc. is a leading international media, market intelligence, and communications company providing strategy, information and solutions
for High Productivity Communities. Tabor Communications publishes HPCwire (, the leading news, analysis and information source facilitating
and unifying the HPC community. More information on Tabor Communications can be found at”

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